I just came back from a week long trip with my job – and the great thing about this trip, was that they asked me to take pictures. And pictures I took. I took over 900 photos for the company, and on my own free down time, I took personal shots as well. I would get up an extra half hour early so that I could slowly walk the hotel grounds (it was a resort) and catch beautiful plant life that you just don’t get in Denver.

I wanted to capture the cactus, but it just wasn’t in my cards, so I went with the 2nd biggest thing I wanted and that was the Palm Trees. And I got them in the morning, I got them at night – and I got them at sunset (above). I could not go wrong with the palm trees.

It looks like I have my first wedding session coming up soon. I’m tickled about it – it’s a small private affair, but it’s a start, and that’s all I need. I also have a teen lined up for a “Trash the Dress” session. We are going to get a used (but clean) formal gown and trash it! I can’t wait!!