More photos from the lovely wedding that I assisted with Becky Young yesterday. It was a gorgeous day at Washington Park – friends and family gathered with blankets to enjoy the wedding of an adorable couple.

Becky and the couple went around the park for about a hour before the wedding getting some amazing shots of the two together and single shots of the bride and groom. Being a photo-journalistic style photographer, Becky would suggest little things and then let things fall into place as she took their photos. She would have them talk to each other, say something funny and catch them in the moment. As a 1st time assistant in a wedding, I stood in awe of how she worked with the couple. She was truly amazing!

In due time the wedding was to start, a small occasional wedding, something great for me to start off with. What threw both Becky and I was when the officiant of the wedding had everyone stand around the Bride and Groom in a circle to circle them with love that I would wonder “How do I photograph the bride and groom if they are in the middle?!?” And you know – for those who do… I’m not a tall person!

But these are the things I expect to learn if I want to jump into the wedding arena. You make do, you find away and you make it your own. So one of my all time favorite shots is standing behind the Groom’s boys, with the Bride and Groom in the background. Becky said later it was one of my best shots of the day.

It was a beautiful day – and I enjoyed every moment, being something part of what we all hope will be ever lasting love. To say I helped create the memories that both Becky and I hope they will look back at and smile.

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