Another wonderful day in June for a wedding. The color theme was yellow and it was beautiful all around. Today I shot again with the wonderful Becky Young of Becky Young Photography. She liked me work from my last wedding that I assisted her with she asked me to tag along again – and help with a full wedding.

One of the fun shots that I have fallen in love with is the ring shots. Becky loves to do ring shots and while the wedding is eating (and who wants a photographer taking pictures while eating?!) we’ll borrow the bride and groom’s wedding rings and go out and scout some spots for some ring shots. We’ll use any kind of prop and then both get some pictures. We found this rock water fountain formation and just got silly with excitement. What you don’t see in this picture – is that right below where the water runs off… is that the water falls onto rocks below, where easily if a wedding ring was to get wet, slippery and start going with the water… could easily disappear. As one photographer was taking these amazing shots, the other had their had below ready to catch rings if they moved. They never did move, but we were better safe then sorry!

I personally put my own spin to this photo and did some heavy editing and grunge’d it up some.

A brief gallery below of the fun day:
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More pictures can be seen at the Client Proof Page