Today – the sun and the rain Gods worked with Billy and I. We went out and took pictures – and I hope he had fun, I sure did. He made his mom and I laugh and smile and when he smiles – he lights up the place.

Billy – I had a blast taking your pictures, thanks for the fun – I hope you enjoy the Sneak Peeks! I can’t wait to get the car and rock shots!!

If you haven’t met Billy – you are missing out. This guy rocks! He is one of the nicest guys I have ever worked with, but he won’t admit to that. When I have called him a few times to work out times for our photo session – he will yell “HEY MRS. BAGGETT!!!” Of course, that ages me a hundred times over, but it’s the enthusiasm that he puts into answering the call, that just makes me smile.

2009 Chaparral High Senior
Eagle Scout
Theater Student
Likes to Rock Climb
He rocks – and not just rocks climbs!

09 Senior Billy