Dear Mom and Dad!
Hi it’s me – your wonderful daughter. Though I squirmed a little and did my own thing – Miss Susan took some great shots of us today. I had fun feeding the ducks, playing in the water and generally being a 2 year old. This is what Miss Susan thinks is my best shot, but as cute as I am, she couldn’t just pick one – but this is the one that made her gasp. I am adorable… 🙂

And lets not forget my adorable brother. He’s going to be picking on me one day – but for now, I like the role of bigger sister as in taller then him. He has such a twinkle in his eye, everyone falls in love with him on first sight.

Class of 2025 - I think

Angie – you were all so much fun!! Thanks for the time out with you, Brandon and the kids… I’m going to have fun watching them grow up!!

Family Fun