I just returned from a trip to Washington, D.C. with my full time job. We travel every 6 months for a week long conference and though the hours are long, the people are great and the places are wonderful. I’ve been to the famous Broadmoor in Colorado Springs – Colorado, Dallas – Texas, Salt Lake City – Utah, Phoenix – Arizona and now Washington, D.C.

The first photo opportunities I had was a Moonlight Tour of the Monuments. A few places we were able to stop and get off the bus and take pictures. My favorite shot – though not my best shot – was at the Lincoln Memorial and I looked out at the Capital and the Washington Monument.


I took a tri-pod with me so I could make sure I took some steady shots, working on my night photography… and I was kicked off the Lincoln Memorial by a Security guard because of my tri-pod! I had no idea.. though I should have! So it’s my more favorable shot that I got busted but still got the photo!

My 2nd opportunity of photos was on Friday, about an hour before I had to be at the airport, I went and walked around a few of the blocks near the hotel and I found 4 different churches with beautiful stained glass in them. Once again – always working on my skills – I went for the details of the church, and looked for other odds and ends of Washington during that hour. I was quite happy with the few photos I took.

Next up – the HOA Halloween Parade… how cute the kids were. Photos soon.

Bookings for Pictures in the Park are filling up. Contact me if you are interested in a photo session for your Holiday Cards.


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