Pumpkin-lishess Yesterday I had a photo session with a family that had this adorable little boy. A year ago – he was my very 1st child session, and his mom and I had trekked out to the pumpkin patch, in cloudy conditions, found some big pumpkins, propped him up and started taking pictures. Then it started raining on us.

We ended up hiding out under a big oak tree where I finished up his session in some what dry conditions – the photo to the right was selected as the best one – it went on to win contests and was printed in local newspapers. Not bad for a 1st time session – ever.

It’s the conditions that I work in that makes my photography so much fun. I think if I had perfect weather, in perfect conditions – it just wouldn’t be as fun. Of course I’m sure it would make it easier – but it’s the story of how I got the perfect shot in un-perfect conditions that makes me love it so much more.

But skip a year – he’s now walking, talking and calling the shots.

His mom wanted pictures of him with Dad, Mom and Ga-Ga (Grandma). So never looking at my instructions of where I am going till I really need to get there – I find myself heading west on I-70 into the mountains. I turn off at the Genesee exit and end up not half a mile from the Sleeper House. Ga-Ga owns a home that faces it every night – and she says when they throw parties up there – you can see the lights flashing (disco ball) all night long from her bedroom window.

I love this house. It is so cool. And every time we drive by it on I-70 – I never get enough looking at it, so when I end up being so close to it, and I stay for dinner with the family, I kid you not, I was starring out the window every few minutes to get a glimpse of the Sleeper House lit up.

But our photo session was awesome. Trying to keep up with a 2 year old without melt downs is a handful. And to listen to him talk and ask questions when I remember him from a year ago when he would just stare at me… he just cracked me up. Pure boy all the way. Picking up rocks and throwing them, sticks, snowballs… what ever his little hands could grasp or get dirty, he was into it. And the bravery of jumping off steps.

It was an awesome session and I’ll have a few more pictures to post soon –