For the past few weeks – I have been posting a photo a day of nothing but Coca Cola items on my flickr account. I’m a huge Cola freak, with lots of collectibles.

But the question is – Just how did I get the name “Colagrl”?

It started back in college (Go LOBO‘s!) My college teachers would sigh when they found out they had me in their class… (Graphic Design degree with all projects focused on Coca-Cola after 1 teacher said it was NOT ART (hello advertising over the decade?)

… anyway – one of my favorite teachers looked at me when I walked into her class and she screamed in delight “I get the Cola Girl!” and they all called me Cola Girl from then on. And its been mine ever since.

So I joined a Crazy Group in Flickr with other local Denver female photographers and the goal is: Take one photo a day for an entire year. There are lots of groups out there, and there is even a group where your post a photo of yourself every day for a year. I tried it once, I photographed myself for 3 months. It became very hard for me to be creative after a long day at work / kid’s activities and come up with a different picture of myself – every single day.

So this group made the rule – any photo, as long as it’s within the day. I decided to make mine a little easier and do monthly themes. Since it’s January, the sun sets before 3pm (I kid! I kid! – 2:49pm) – I thought doing Coca-Cola items that I have collected over the year would be a good start.

It’s been a blast! I feel it has improved my photography so much – each night I take a photo. I spend most of the day (ok – not like every minute of every hour), but along the line of a few minutes, wonder what rare item do I have that will make it to flickr for the night. Then with my new flash that I received for Christmas – I take about 8 different shots of the item with the flash pointed in different directions, (watching for light bouncing off walls), and I position the item in different angles (background, angles, texture, depth of field)… all that in 8 shots or less in 15 to 20 minutes or less.

Then I take the winning photo and tweak it with color. Do I want the red to stand out? Do I want to make the photo vintage? Soft? Details!

And every night – I feel I posted a better shot then the night before.

So to tell you that I’m excited that I’m going out to photograph real, living, breathing people today – I’m beyond excited. Sneak peeks soon –