-and we look with pride and confidence in both directions.”
Admiral George Anderson

I was in San Antonio, Texas last weekend – taking pictures of my sister’s family – her husband (Chief Lewis) and their daughter. Chief Lewis is going to Afghanistan for a year, so I flew out for the weekend and took an equivalent of 5 family sessions of them.

Chief was able to bring out a few of his students so I could use them as my backdrop – and in thanks, I took separate photos of them and will be sending them some prints. My small and very grateful way of saying thanks for helping us out, and thanks for serving our country.

They were a fun bunch to work with – and very polite as well. One was from Colorado!! And of course – their Chief still kept them in line even though I told them, I was the Chief of the shoot and their Chief (my bro-in-law) towed the line with me. They seemed to like that…

Personal note to the guys! Here is the link to your pictures to view (US Navy Family). Contact me personally (susan@susanbaggett.com) and let me know which photo you like (for your 8×10, 2 5×7’s and 8 wallets). If you want more photos, let me know and I’ll help you with the ordering. Thanks guys! You were awesome to work with – and good luck at your future duty stations. Stay safe! You will also see that Chief ‘yelled’ at the girls too… but you can see how well they respected that!

Drop and give me twenty
Close Up
Blah, Blah, Blah

Later this week – photos from the family session and updates to the website!