It’s JULY! Can you believe it!? Me too!!

Since Memorial Weekend – this photographer has been on the go, go, go! Normally I like to lay low and enjoy the summer, but this year, it’s been crazy busy …and that’s a good thing!

It started off on Memorial Weekend in San Antonio, Texas with my sister and her family. Taking pictures of them and things that surrounded the reason for the photo sessions (my brother-in-law is in the service and is going to Afghanistan soon) just pulls at the heart strings. I personally will be doing a few photo sessions that will require donations for our military service in the next few months… keep them in your thoughts – not only did my brother-in-law leave on his daughters birthday in June for training in Norfolk, but he leaves for Afghanistan on the wedding anniversary (July 3rd), they will be celebrating 17 years of marriage. Safe return Uncle Chief~

I was home for a week – and then an unexpected death in the family had all of us headed out to Birmingham, Alabama. Visiting family and attending the funeral for a few days had us all over the south – Atlanta, Birmingham and Nashville. It was a sad trip, but our children met cousins, aunts and uncles they have only heard about… it was a much needed trip.

Not 4 days back in Colorado – da boys (Hubby and Son) went off to Minnesota for a week long camping trip with the boy scout troop. This was no easy trip. Lots of canoeing, walking and swatting at mosquitoes. My amazing son came home with a 2nd and 3rd degree sun-burn, and was home only 9 hours, just enough time for me to wash some of his clothes and then the next day we were off on a bus / train trip to New Mexico.

Still with me?

Of course – during his camping trip… I did 2nd shoot a wedding. I love weddings. Adore weddings. Gush at weddings. And yes… I sometimes cry at weddings when I’m shooting them.

This couple was just the cutest. I shot with the talented Becky Young – and with Becky, she always has the cutest couples that get married. I love shooting with Becky, she lets me do my thing, and knows I will provide the images she wants. We work real well as a team and she’s such a great person to be with.

Wedding - shot for Becky Young Photography

…and this time I did cry. During the father-daughter dance. I was so happy that I was behind the lens and behind the scenes not to be caught crying. It was so touching.

What you don’t know from these pictures is – it rained. POURED!!

Wedding - shot for Becky Young Photography

It’s never a dull moment with Becky. We always get a small challenge, nothing huge, but something that comes up that we laugh about later and rain was right up there. During all the pre-shots (pictures above) it was over-cast and threatening to rain. Minutes before the wedding, it started to sprinkle. During the wedding it started to drizzle. And not just a little… but steady. Becky and I were covering our cameras with our sweaters to protect the camera body’s and the lenses and we kept shooting. We were soaked, drenched – and we loved it all.

During the reception – it stopped raining, the sun came out and we got some beautiful ring shots with help from the rain on the leaves.

Wedding - shot for Becky Young Photography

So the da boys are back… and the kids and I are off to New Mexico. We take the train to Gallup to pick up my mother’s car and drive back up to Pagosa Springs, CO to spend the week with her, my sister and niece. We had a great time. No internet. No tv. (Seriously! People were calling us left & right about the celebrity deaths…) We played games such as Spoons, Bluffing, Solitaire, Uno, and Life. We went to the Hot Springs and I could get used to living near a spring that bubbles at 103 degrees on a normal night. Trust me… 112 is way too hot!

And if you are still with me – we came home on Saturday. I am now the some-what proud owner of a mini-van. Sorta. The reason for the trip was so that my mother could go live with my sister for the next year while Uncle Chief is gone. Since she can’t drive in the big city, and I now have a teen with a driver license… we got the mini-van on a temporary loan. Not a lot of pictures were taken, it was a disconnect from everything including the camera.

To add icing to the cake – Susan B. Photography was voted Best of Parker ’09 – Photographer! Thanks to you (YES! YOU!) I was voted best in Parker for photographer. Thanks! I love what I do, catching moments that last forever and it shows! So watch out for some specials… I think we all need to celebrate this victory!!

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So there is the updates. A few more will be coming up over the weekend. Photos on the Portfolio side, and some other changes that I’ll just keep a secret till then.

Thanks again to those who voted Susan B. Photography “Best of the Best – Parker” for 2009! Watch for specials coming up on that!!