When we first moved to Denver… 10 years ago next week… our daughter started kindergarten at her new school. Shortly afterwards, a little girl that was at the same day care center, came up to me one day when I picking up our girl and told me she was her best friend. This started a friendship that has lasted a life time…

Jennifer still calls this young girl her best friend, her 1st friend. So when mom asked me to come out and take their family photos, I was excited for the girls to see each other again, as though we live only 20 miles apart, we don’t see them as much since we live in a different part of Denver now. Her mom and I have see each other every 6 months, but the girls were always busy and either one wasn’t around when we would meet up, or it was the other.

So on a beautiful sunny Saturday we went to a park that both girls visited in their elementary days, and took some beautiful pictures. And I even got a few of the girls together… it was a magical day.

They also wrapped up my 2010 Holiday Season… orders off to the printers. Bring on the eggnog, I’m ready.