At the beginning of the year – I met up with Sheba Wheeler of Picture Your World Photography. We follow the same photography groups, had worked together at a workshop and were currently at a photographer’s event. I have always admired her wedding photography so I told her when she had another wedding to shoot for, to please give me a call and I would be happy to assist. Within seconds she told me she had a wedding for that weekend – would I like to help out? WOULD I!?

So on a beautiful Saturday afternoon – with a little snow on the ground, I meet up with Sheba and the bridal party, and Sheba had brought on a few other local photographers, so I got to work with Heather Smith-Matthews, another favorite local photographer in Denver. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the special day – it was truly a great experience to work with Sheba and Heather.

Thanks Sheba for letting me apart of their wonderful celebration!

During the reception, 2 young ladies in grass skirts came out and danced through the tables to an African dance song. From what I was told it was a ritual for the bride and groom. The music was amazing, and by the end of the dance, other women had wrapped sweaters, napkins or their shawls around their waste and were dancing with these women. It was magical.

More photos from the session can be seen in client proofing


  1. Hey there Susan. You did a great job and many of your shots were some of the couple’s favorites. I never did get that great shot of the ring though. Somehow it wasn’t uploaded with the others, but I love it. Can you email it to me so I can give it to the couple? Thanks

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