Right around Thanksgiving – I was asked by a dear friend of mine to come out to her home and take pictures of her family. I know her daughter, she’s best friends with my daughter (she’s Captain of the Color-Guard, my daughter is the Co-Captain) but I had yet to meet the boys. They are all grown up and on their own, so this was my chance to meet the family all at once. From the moment I got there, it was full of laughter and jokes at each others expense, no one was safe!

Dad had visions of great shots – just feet, then just the body’s and then eventually the heads, so I had to keep everyone in the same group set-up when we moved onto other shots because I knew in the end he would want something fun to print to put together.

Of course with every family session that has siblings – I have to shot a fun family shot and the boys were all to willingly to take sis and hang her upside down. What I loved about this session was that I quickly realized it was all fun (and all my sessions are!) but we didn’t take too many ‘serious’ poses, there was much laughter and giggling on and I loved this, everyone was having fun!

At one point, they all donned Santa and Elf hats, and on Facebook – you can see what a ‘kissing session‘ turns into – Santa would be so proud!

While taking pictures at the home – I kept looking at an older photo that I soon realized was their last family photo together. We quickly re-created the pose and they held the picture that had been taken at 8-10 years earlier with the newest family member in place. This session was just so magical.

Thank you to the Thomas Family for letting me capture memories that will last a life time! It was very special for me!

Your Life Photographer –
Susan B.