How else should a couple start off the New Year? By not only counting down the last few weeks till their new arrival comes along but going out and photographing their last few weeks as a couple before they become a family, before a snow storm, in the cold, at the Red Rocks none the less! Before you think to yourself “Susan B – you are crazy to take a pregnant woman up to the Red Rocks…” I thought the same thing too!

Till I talked to Becky and she told me that she loved my outdoor photography, that her and her adorable husband Brad were avid outdoor Coloradans (little did I know at the time HOW MUCH AVID THEY WERE!) and just the weekend before they had been on a small 5 mile hike… Red Rocks it is!

They were so much fun! We went all over the Red Rocks – stopping at some small tiny places where we got snow in our backgrounds, beautiful red rocks and a smiling and laughing Becky and Brad through out the session, Becky’s laugh was contagious and when they said a woman glows when she is pregnant, I can say that she was just not glowing but she was a shining star!

These are some of my favorite from the sessions – of course the entire session was a favorite!

This is all that I know.. a BOY! They wouldn’t give out details on the name – that is a surprise to the family!

Found this at the top of the amphitheater – and we couldn’t resist – Becky was not really tired in the least!

They told me that they both love to rock climb so Brad asked for a photo of the rocks!

Becky, Brad – thank you for letting me photograph your session, just weeks before your new little arrival comes along. You both will make wonderful parents! I can’t wait to see the new one soon!

Your Life Photographer!
Susan B.