My first wedding of 2011 was an intimate wedding. Sarah and Jesse with their family and friends in a beautiful setting in their newly purchased home was beautiful. The weather guessimators had been predicting snow so I was gearing up for photos with Sarah and Jesse
bundled up in the snow, winter wonderland moments… and it turned out sunny! Now that’s not a bad thing, it was actually very nice so when we went for their informal / fun shots – we were able to go out and play (and we did play!) and stay out longer because of the beautiful weather.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day – and yes… when Sarah saw there was a swing set at one of our stops – she said “we just have to swing” and they did! I love a couple who will go out and have fun, even in a tux and a wedding dress!

Wedding Cake: The Makery
Flowers: Abloom
Officiant: A Beautiful Affair of the Heart

Sarah admitted to me she had never worn heels before, so what better way to start off getting married in heels! So we brought her tennis shoes so she could walk more… what fun it was to capture her on the swing in her tennis shoes! Jesse and Sarah were so much fun to photograph in this area!

Another favorite of mine! I told Sarah to let the world know that Jesse is off the market – kiss him! The stance she took threw Jesse off guard and you can see it in his pose – LOVE IT!


  1. Whoa, that bridge shot is spectacular and the ring shot – man, that is one of the very best I’ve ever seen. I love these intimate “in-home” weddings. You covered it so well. NIce!

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