I’m really excited to start displaying the Senior sessions – and then in minutes I’ll start getting weepy when I realize I’ll be posting Senior sessions from Legend High School. Why? Because 2012 Seniors are the first graduates of this new school and since I have been an active parent with the school, these Seniors are just not students to me, they are family!

We’ll start off with Jonathan!

He was the Baby Contest winner – can you see the difference what 17 years does?? He is has grown into a handsome and very polite boy man, and through out the session giving the camera what I call “the many faces of Jonathan looks” and was just amazing to work with.

What I loved about the Legend High School Senior Sessions (and I have more in the queue to post!) – they all wore their JR shirts to their session without me asking them to bring them! JR Shirts is a shirt with Legend words on the front and the initials JR on the back. One of our dearly loved teachers at Legend – Jason Ritter passed away in April from cancer and to show their love for their teacher and support for Mr. Ritter’s son Lincoln; shirts, magnets, bracelets and so much more have been sold for fundraising money. Seeing each Senior with their shirt – you just know they loved Jason Ritter and wanted him to be a part of their Senior Session.

Heads up! If a parent is present at a session… they will be added in! Jonathan tried to crack his mom up through her mini session, and succeeded very well!

Little secret? Jonathan told us that he is self-taught on the guitar. As soon as he picked up a guitar, he was playing for us.

And a small treat – photos from the session with video added:

Good Luck to Jonathan one of the 1st Seniors from Legend High School and being a part of what makes Legend High School what it is… a Legend!

Your Life Photographer
Susan B.