It’s been a crazy few weeks here and I’m behind in posting, editing, sleeping, eating… having a life in general – but it’s been a fun ride and working with the 2012 Seniors these past few weeks have been so much fun. Meet Luke, a Legend High School Senior and a member of the Legend Titan Band. A quiet boy with a mischievous smile and very polite to work with. Ok for the record… all the boys I have photographed have been polite!

We started off at the High School for some track shots on a Sunday morning and then realized that the school was open for church service so we took advantage of getting some of the lobby where students hang out and got some amazing pictures.

Take a look – and of course, a video at the end… meet James Bond, I mean Luke with the suit – he really looks the part. Dashing. Debonair. Stylish. That’s Luke.