It’s about time I featured a girl Senior on the site! This year seems to be the ‘Year of the Boy Seniors’; so when Marissa came for her session, she was armed with accessories, clothes, make-up and we were ready to play!

I have known Marissa since she was in Kindergarten. She was the first child that came up to us as we walked into our daughter’s classroom and said “Hi! I’m Marissa!” She greeted us every day and was the most polite girl I had ever seen. From that a relationship with my daughter and Marissa bloomed; sleep-overs, Girl Scouts, play-dates, birthday parties… and even after we moved away from the Littleton area, we have always kept up with Marissa and her family, getting together for their yearly photo and other events to visit with each other.

Littleton High School 002

Knowing that Marissa is a Senior at Littleton High School just confirms that I too have a Senior (among all the Legend Senior’s I have photographed so far) and makes me teary that Marissa is growing up.

Here are my favorites from Marissa’s Senior Session. Please pass the tissues…

Littleton High School 003

Another amazing video of her session – Congratulations Marissa! I’m so proud of you!


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