Greetings from San Antonio, Texas! Howdy! As I left off yesterday – I mentioned that I’m traveling this week and thought it would be nice to see pictures from previous trips that I have taken over the past few years while I’m out this week. Not realizing that some nights I’m out late I was nervous I might not get this post in tonight… but I am here!!

In 2007 I traveled in the Spring to Dallas Texas. I can’t quite remember the name of the hotel, though it was nice, and I had a great time working with the clients I work with, the name slips me. Must be my age catching up! DOH!!

What I do remember though was purchasing a used Fuji camera from another photographer and trying it out on this trip because I knew I wanted to photograph more. Not sure of what my focus is yet, but I took lots of photos; detail shots at social parties, personal shots – one that I love so much that after all these years, its still one of my best and favorite personal portrait photo.

My favorite memory of this trip is at one time I was a Mary Kay Consultant. Yep. I wanted a pink Cadillac, but I never got there. After 12 years of using Mary Kay cosmetics, I still use it today and I can say with confidence, I have a very soft, young face thanks to their moisturizer. Put me on an island and give me 3 things… and their Time Wise Moisturizer would HAVE to go to with me. Love it!

Anyway – I found out that my hotel was right down the street from Mary Kay headquarters. So making sure I had time to break away from the conference, I went over to headquarters where they have a museum and I was able to walk around and see the history of how Mary Kay started. It was a high light of my trip.

I took a few pictures of her building – and then went back to my conference to work for the week…

As you will see this will be the start to more of me taking pictures while traveling and I’ll then start taking walks when I’m off work to get photos on my own… next up Fall 2007 – Salt Lake City Utah!