Yep – another Senior session from this summer! Posts of previous sessions are abundant around these areas!

Meet Ben a Legend High School 2012 Senior and a student in the Legend Titan Band! You have just got to love our band kids, they really rock and Ben is no different! Any time I show up to the school, Ben will be talking with his friends, cracking jokes, having a good time as a teen and will always stop to say hello to me, so I was excited when we went out on his session on an early morning session, with a fog that rolled in that day keeping the sun away from our session. It actually worked much better then I hoped for, rich dark colors of Ben and the beautiful surroundings of Castlewood Canyon.

It was an amazing session and I have to brag up on my assistant (video / light reflector / catch all!) that day. My daughter Jennifer is usually my assistant, but she had a high school commitment and so Lewis, another student with the band, and a good friend of the family stepped in and helped me with this one and did an amazing job!

Take a look at Ben’s session and don’t forget to take a look at the video! That’s the fun part! And leave a message!


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