As most of you know – I work a full time job that is not related to photography. I am a web designer for a local business in Greenwood Village, Colorado during the day and a portrait photographer on my off hours. I have been working with this company since May of 2006 and it is by far my most rewarding job I have ever had. When I am asked if I would like to go full time photography, I always answer “not-yet” because I love working at my full time job!

With my job, I travel every 6 months to a designated location and I talk about I.T. information, website’s and other applications that our I.T. department has to offer to the clients I work with. This week I am heading out to San Antonio, Texas for the semi-annual trip.

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the other great places I have been to this week while I’m on the road!

Fall 2006 Colorado Springs, Colorado the Broadmoor
This place is gorgeous and was the first resort I had ever stayed at when I came to work with my current job. If you have never been here but have thought about it – GO! This is the view from my room and I would leave my curtains open at night because I loved looking at this view as I went to sleep! One of my favorite memories was stepping out onto balcony during one of the meetings and looking at the golf course and deer were out on fairway.