Meet Austin – a Green Mountain 2012 Senior from Lakewood, Colorado. His mom won earlier in the year at an auction where I donated a Senior Session, and in the early evening on a nice August day, we went to a place near Blackrock Lake, which is right off of C-470 and Santa Fe that is full of beautiful trees, lakes and a river. With the sun setting just at that point where there is still light left, but it’s not harsh and it warms everything it touches… life at that moment could not get any better.

Austin and his parents; who instantly became my assistants that night, fought the mosquitoes off (it was perfect that night – but not enough for the pesky mosquitoes to leave us alone!) and I captured some amazing photos. The river was full of rushing water, which was amazing because sadly when I went back out there just 2 weeks later with another Senior, it was all dried up!

So I’ll be quiet now and let you view his session – which was really just amazing. All my sessions are amazing, but the lighting on this one? Magical.