I knew this post would not be easy. I have attempted to post this session numerous times, have edited many photos, started writing the feature in different ways, but there is no denying it. I am the mother of a High School Senior. So I find it fitting in so many ways – that on December 31st, 2011 – my last post for the year will end with my own daughter being featured on the Susan B. Photography website.

We started her Senior session in early May – trying out new lights I had purchased the month before. Then we both got busy with other Senior’s as she is my assistant on about 90% of my sessions this past year. We both wanted certain places and clothes, so I’m not lying when I think we got about 4 sessions in over 5 months and she would be the last Senior I photographed as well for her senior yearbook picture. Her schedule would get busy so we were really getting little mini-moments in here and there.

Then the season ended and I went into proofing all those amazing Senior sessions, then the families came right after that with holiday cards… and I still haven’t had time to proof my own daughter’s pictures.

This is not an excuse post! I know self consciously that not posting her pictures allows me the fact to belive that I do not have a Senior. Do Not! Do Not! Do Not! Of course, we are all awaiting her #1 choice of college to notify her of acceptance or not, and if they do not hurry up #2 is quickly gaining on #1 and that alone proves that I have a Senior in my home.

But let me tell you about this amazing girl. She truly is amazing. She doesn’t let people tell her no often, and is very determined to get things done when the push comes to shove moment arrives. She has been with the Legend High School Marching Band in the Color Guard for the past 4 years, 2 of those years required knee surgeries, and she would not have those surgeries till after the marching season was over, so she marched in parades that were 2 miles long, performed in multiple venues with the band with a band knee each year. What would get people is that when they saw her performing, they would see her smile. Oh that smile! Light up the sky she can with it – and yet most people would not know the pain she was in. Lots of icing of the knees at home and a lot of Tylenol went on behind the scenes these past few years.

We were so excited this year that her Senior year, both knees operated on, there could not be possibly any more injuries this round. Not so! She broke a finger twirling her rifle so with a brace on her hand most of the time, she continued to twirl her rifle and even do cart-wheels as part of her performance, landing each time on the hand. That is my girl! Stubborn as her dear mom and dad.

So here is our beautiful daughter – with her dad’s brown eyes, and I’ll take credit for the adorable smile… Jennifer.