As most people know, I am a full time web designer for a local buying group within the restaurant industry. I love working on websites as much as I do taking photographs so I have to say I have the best of both worlds. Every 6 months I travel with my company to a different city and we host a conference, with having our buying group members meet with the vendors. It’s a fun time, visiting and talking with the members of the group about their website and helping them with information technology. It would probably come as no surprise that I love working with them on Social Media as well!

This past week, it was travel time and I was headed off to the Big Apple. My sister asked if she could come along and it wasn’t till the last day of our 6 day stay together that we realized we have never done something like this with it just being the 2 of us. We had a blast being at Times Square, the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, tour around the Statue of Liberty and catching a show of Mama Mia. She ended up doing much more while I worked, which I’m glad she got out and about. She left on Thursday to head back to Texas and I stayed an extra day with one of our member’s of the buying group catching a few more site seeing things. Want to see what I did? Take a look!

Times Square on a non-busy night!

Ground Zero – the fountains that are in place of Tower 1 and Tower 2

A good friend of mine Ian – took an amazing shot of my kids and I at our Denver conference, he had to get one of my sister and I in NYC.

My friend Amy and I are huge Sex and the City fans so we took the tour bus that went to a lot of the locations where the show and movie were filmed. We even stopped at a few places and we stopped at “Steve’s and Adian’s bar ‘Scout'” for a Cosmopolitan Martini!

Even when I’m in front of the camera – I’m instructing how to set the shot up. I love the stoops in NYC and I insisted that Amy and I get a shot on one of them (not Carrie’s place). John was great in taking this shot.

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