This update is an idea that was created by an online photography group I’m involved with that we call the SWPB Blog Circle. We pick a theme once a month, challenge ourselves to photograph within the theme’s guidelines and post our images. Here is my contribution to this month’s theme, f/8 on July 8th (a little camera knowledge: f/8 is a camera setting to ensure that the subject is likely to be pretty much in focus.) After reading my post, make sure you visit the next photographer: Finland Wedding Photographer – Karolina Baszarkiewicz to view her photos and to continue the circle and view other photographers f/8 photos scattered all over over the world! In the end, you will come back to me!

My daughter never ceases to amaze me. A few years ago when she was on summer break, she came up with a “Summer List of Things to Do”. She came up with 150 items, “Go to the Movies”, “Make a fort that doesn’t fail” – kid stuff. She would tell me about the things she did that day and who she was with and I would go “Uh huh – be safe” and do my thing. (I am a loving parent… trust me). As she came up with the list, friends of hers would leave notes saying they wanted to participate in some of her list items. She didn’t finish everything, but she really tried.

When it came to the next summer, she again created a list of things to do over the summer, shouted out to her friends to help her and they all helped her tackle a new set of 150 items to do over the summer. Some of the items were gimme’s meaning that she would accomplish them no matter what, ie Band Camp, others would be College Visits which didn’t get done that summer.

Then we come to this summer… 200 items now on the list. I knew this summer would be more special and yet difficult for her to complete her thought out list, as she is going off to college in August, so trying to do things with her friends before she goes would be high in demand, but at the same time taking on a part-time summer job (59. Get a job! – babysitter) would take up a lot of her time and make it a crunch to accomplish the list.

On Monday just a hour before she crossed 129 off (Get this mouth surgery thing for tooth!) it started to rain. A flash flood of water just poured on us within 15 minutes and before I could understand what was going on – she was out the door.

Let me introduce you to 105. Rain. Do anything in the rain.

She called for her brother to take pictures from the garage and being that I still need to get my own challenge photographed this month – I jumped at the moment to get my camera and take pictures of her playing in the rain. I couldn’t bring myself to walk out into the rain, even with an umbrella to take some close ups, but what I captured was pretty great. I not only shot in f/8 (I normally photograph at my lowest numbers on my lens ranging from f/1.8 to f/4) but I had just received a new lens and was trying it out (28-80mm lens).

YES! She SAT down in the water! Crazy kid!!

I encourage everyone to create a list – challenge yourself monthly (Summerly) yearly! It’s amazing watching her accomplish and do things whether it be something normal such as “Cleaning out the Car” or going to the “Renaissance Festival”. Live life to it’s fullest!

Here is her 2012 Summer List of Things to do – with some of them already crossed off!

1. Graduation! 5/22
2. Senior banquet 5/17
3. Midnight bowling/laser tag with seniors 5/21

4. Senior awards 5/21
5. Other graduation parties
6. My graduation party (: 6/2
7. Band Camp for LHS 7/16 – 7/27
8. Color Guard Camp for LHS 7/9 – 7/13
9. S’mores fire!
10. Parker Days.[x3]
11. Elitches
12. Tan/Sunburn
13. Hair cut/hair dye
14. Go swimming
15. SEE JAYCI for real this time!
16. All Nighter
17. Water balloon fight!
18. babysit
19. Bonfire!
20. Go see a movie and bring my snuggie again!
21. Be in 2 places at once (:
24. Clean my room and keep it clean, ha
25. Work at Double Angels
26.Rock Climb
27. Brunswick Zone
28. Snowglobess. (Get me one please if you leave the state/country)
29. Car wash again.
30. Go to the Rose
31. Go shopping!
32. Rockies Game
33. Garage Sale
34. Mani Pedi
35. Drums along the Rockies
36. Jumpstreet!
37. Go bowling
38. Go Karts!
39. Henna tattoo
40. Go to a midnight movie premiere
41. Go jet skiing
42. Paint fight
43. Hang out with Anne and Abby
44. Scary night movie thon!
45. Go a whole day without talking (No text, no facebook, no talk!/strong
46. Photoshoots!
47. Photography with my Mom
48. Ice Cream Fight
49. Take pictures with my Polaroid Camera
50. Cardboard Sledding
51. Face Paint
52. Run the wrong way on an escalator
53. Go paintballing
54. Clean out my closet
55. 365 photo still!
56. Ideal weight
57. New piercing
58. Niki Minaj 8/2 with Rae
59. Get a job! – Permanent babysitter
60. Be in a flash mob
61. Give money to someone on the road
62. Meet my roommate Shannon!
63. Drop water balloons from a tall building
64. Cook for a whole week
65. Volunteer with the animals
66. Road trip with friends!
67. Go camping with friends!
68. Have a mud fight
69. Finish a coloring book by myself
70. College shopping
71. Sleep in a blanket fort
72. Jump into a pool fully clothed
73. Go to warped tour
74. Ride a mechanical bull
75. Create a website
76. Have a whip cream fight
77. Tye dye a staff shirt with Rae
78. Dip dye shorts with Rae
79. Trade iPods with someone for a day
80. Go to the aquarium
81. Get a make over at the mall
82. Have a water gun fight with friends
83. Paint shoes
84. Go to the museum
85. Go to the Renaissance festival
86. Get a fish!
87. Jar of glitter
88. Always have flowers in the house
89. Get a “Wreck this Journal”
90. Make flower headbands
91. Waterworld!
92. Chalk art the drive way again
93. Make a bracelet for every list item done
94. Boondocks
95. Run through sprinklers
96. Get summer dresses
97. Pool party! 6/15
98. Sleep under the stars
99. Do a scavenger hunt
100. Read Water for Elephants again(:
101. Continue to e-mail Kyle
102. Get accessories
103. South Dakota Gear
105. Rain. Do anything in the rain
106. Drive to South Dakota with Rae when we go to collegee!
107. Snow cone!
108. Buy things that actually matter
109. Don’t blow all my money all in one place
110. Go to the gymmm.
111. Make crepes. Nomnom.
112. Create a photo journal
113. Get a toe ring
114. Make sure nails are ALWAYS painted
115. Get those boots from Kohls
116. Finish the whole series of Friends
118. Go to a play
119. Watch all the childhood Disney movies
120. Learn how to do a back walkover, or something.
121. Go cliff jumping
122. Hang out with my freshman Jenna
123. Go to the moviess. [x2]
124. Go out for food with friends, not the McDonalds crap (:
125. Hoe’s night?
126. Make grilled cheesee
127. Shaving cream fight
128. Go downtown
129. Get this mouth surgery thing for tooth !
130. Shuffle everyday
131. Go to Amanda’s Juliette partyyy
132. Make fireflies in a Jar (:
133. Glitter fight!
134. Go to the O’brien pool!
135. Make cupcakes
136. Get new jeans!
137. Clean my car for Dustin…
138. Teeth whitening for surgery!
139. Make a music videoooo
140. Get ice cream from the ice cream man (:
141. Glue coins to the floor
142. Master many hair dos!
143. Try fried Oreos
144. Zumba class!
145. Coldstone runs!
146. Make bake pops
147. Starbucks!
148. Make my own melted crayon art work piece
149. South Dakota Overnight Registration June 4-5!
150. Get a new wii game
151. Get a dream catcher
152. Summer lovin!
153. Plant some flowers
154. New bank account
155. Sleep in my car some random place(:
156. Classy Thursdays
157. Learn how to hairwrapp
158. Balloons of issues a month
159. Create a quote book
160. “Call Me Maybe” video in mall
161. Sketchbook it all!
162. Go see Annie on road trip!
163, Mountain day trip with Chey
164. Hang out with Jodi!
165. Minigolfff
166. Tan line of some design
167. Get game tickets for College
168. Make sparkly posters with Rochele(:
169. Sword fight with Rae
170. Go coning – yes I know it’s stupid (: but hey, this is my list!
171. See the Katy Perry movie!
172. Go camping/fishing!
173. 16th street mall!(:
174. Take Maggie to a lake
175. Go see Up and Wall-e in theatres because they are doing that (:
176. Pack little by little for college
177. Save my money.
178. New hair color streak.
179. Give Olivia my beads!
180. Run. Just run.
181. Be a kid again!
182. Make fresh lemonade and iced tea
183. Learn how to make my dad’s famous cookies and remember it
184. Order a pizza,,and pay for it.. Because I’ve never done that
185. New shoes. Pronto
186. Walk Maggie a lot!
187. Get myself a flag..
188. Go Jeeping
189. Get lost !
190. Learn to whistle!!!
191. Random Act of Kindness
192. Let my hair be – Don’t straighten or curl it a lot.
193. TP
194. Photobomb
195. Don’t come home for 3 days
196. Check in with mom so she doesn’t go crazy ^^^
197. Go tubing down a river
198. Less junk food
199. Hang out with my underclass men friends!
200. Make this the best summer ever! Goal = to get as many as done as possible!


  1. Fun idea with the Summer list of things to do, I have one of those for grown-ups, but a kids list is a great idea to keep them occupied! Glad you kept the camera dry and still got some photos 🙂

  2. Love this idea! The kids would have so much fun with this. It looks like she had so much fun playing in the rain it made me smile. Love the pictures!

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