It’s the 2013 Seniors Edition!! I’m so excited to start posting Senior sessions – and they have been awesome this season! Each Senior that I have been photographing has been wanting something different and unique and I have been doing just that!

So when Alex told me she wanted to do her pictures in her next door neighbor’s yard, I said sure – but this was not your typical back yard! Her neighbor is a Horticulture and knows their plants, and the yard – once you stepped into it was this rich oasis of trees, plants, shrubs, a mini-water fall and was just gorgeous. If ever I had a dream of the perfect out-door studio, this was it and it was 3 blocks from my house! (So I can make this my dream studio one day!) I spent an hour with Alex in the oasis – taking pictures of plants I had never seen before while she change into her next outfit.

Alex then went to her other next door neighbor and asked if we could use his truck with her session. This was no ordinary truck. I’m not even sure of the year but it was old, but it was cool. It was old but it was retro. It was old but oh so shiny, polished and perfect for Alex’s outfit she changed into. Her neighbor said no problem, drove it up the street and onto a dirt road and off we went!

What can I say? Her session rocked! So take a look – video included:

She is also a 2013 Cutest Baby participant!