It’s another challenge post! This post is an idea that was created by an online photography group I participate with that we call the SWPB (Succeeding as a Wedding Photography Business) Blog Circle. Though I don’t do a lot of weddings, I learn so much from this group of photographers that I use their information that they share and apply it to my portrait business. And of course – I do love to view the wedding pictures they all post!

We pick a theme once a month, challenge ourselves to photograph within the theme’s guidelines and post our images. September’s theme is “Color” and this was a challenge for me. The idea of these challenges is that they should not be work related, but non-work photography. I thought about this for quite some time and yellow kept showing up in my personal shots, but they were of the same area that I had been photographing Seniors so I didn’t feel it as a challenge. I then thought about taking pictures of my son’s high school band which is Blue – and I have A LOT OF BLUE photos, but though I wasn’t hired to take their pictures, I do take them as a service for them so I couldn’t do the blue. I thought about doing Red for my daughter’s new school color with her college, but I ran out of time and I couldn’t find her shade of red… so I went looking at pictures I had done in the past month and I found it. Sand. Maybe Tan is more the accurate color description.

A week before my daughter left for college; I took her, my son and his girlfriend up to Mt. Evans. I’ve been in Colorado for 12 years now and had never been to the top of Mt. Evans. I wanted to go 4 wheeling in my jeep, spend some time with my daughter and enjoy the day. Once we got to the top of the mountain (14,240 feet to the summit), we encountered beautiful colors that were out of this world. Purple mountains, green grass, blue lakes and tan rocks! It was a beautiful drive and a bit chilly once we hit the summit!

So take a look at some of shots from the day and after reading my post, make sure you visit the next photographer: Pittsburgh Photographer Jessica Vogelsang to view her photos of Yellow and continue the circle and view other photographers and their color choices from all over over the world! In the end, you will come back to me!

That is Denver in the background!

My goofy kids!


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