I’m not sure where the time goes, but once the Senior season slows down and its October, I look at my list of sessions that I want to feature and I see that I’m back-logged from June! Crazy!

So here it is, it’s back in June, and a woman I have looked to for advice and guidance in many aspects of my life over the past 12 years here in Denver, Colorado came to me for some head-shots to submit to her company and to update her website (which I happen to maintain as well). Asking me to take head-shots for her company submission is a pretty big honor for me, but I’ll tell you a little secret, taking pictures of weddings, families and senior sessions of anyone is a HUGE HONOR for me, but none the less, SuzAnne’s company is a big deal for me. She is a National Sales Director for Mary Kay. Yes. The pink company! I used to sell Mary Kay myself, but now only use it for personal use, but I stand by the products, they are amazing. And when you get to the elite status that SuzAnne has, having your picture up on the wall among hundreds of other top selling Mary Kay Consultants in the main office in Dallas Texas… it’s a big deal (to me).

SuzAnne has been with the company for over 20 years, has earned the use of a Mary Kay Cadillac since 1982, was the #1 Mary Kay Sales Director in Colorado for 7 years, was on the front cover of Colorado business Magazine and was featured in a special section of the Rocky Mountain News for lifestyles, and was named Colorado professional business woman of the year, her accolades could go on but the best thing about her? She’s so down to earth. I love to sit with her and listen to her talk and she will give me a piece of Mary Kay business advice and I can take that and apply it to my photography business. A LOT of my business is based on the Mary Kay way of life. What was great about this session was I not only photographed a woman I adore very much, but I was able to have my photography mentor Cliff Lawson help me with this session and having both of my favorite people in the same room… how does a teen say this? “It Was Pretty Cool!”

We took some amazing head-shots of SuzAnne and she wanted some fun shots as well, my favorites are of SuzAnne and her wonderful husband Mike, they are such a dynamic duo when you see them together! So as SuzAnne and Mary Kay herself would say… Keep It Simple Sweetie (K.I.S.S.) – here are some of my favorite’s of SuzAnne’s photos from her session…