It’s another Senior posting! I still have about 10 Seniors I have not posted on and 5 families! When that crazy marching band season / work travel hits in October everything comes to a grinding stop and then I have to ramp back up to get back into the swing of things and the website always seems to suffer the most!

But this is a great post on so many levels! It’s about Nate! A 2013 Senior from Legend High School. It’s about new branding. It’s about an associate photographer. And of course it’s about lots of yummy photos!

Let’s meet Nate! He is this really enthusiastic teen that takes life on at 150%. He has a dazzling smile and the few times I’ve talked with him he’s just happy, nothing can get him down. What I like about Nate is that he’s not hesitant to ask for what he wants, which brings me to my associate. Most people know that I have this amazing assistant who happens to be my daughter Jennifer. She is always out there with me on sessions carrying lights, looking for light, fixing the lights and keeping me in check with what I need to do. She’s an aspiring photographer as well and is currently away at college pursing her Fine Arts degree in photography. Nate talked to Jennifer and ask for her specifically, which I thought was pretty cool. He knew what he wanted from his Senior pictures and knew she could deliver them.

What I like about her style is she’s a little edgy with her posing and processing, she’s still under my guidelines as she is representing my business, but I understand she has to show her own uniqueness as well. I think she did a great job and Nate and his family were extremely pleased with his pictures.

Which now brings to the branding – you’ll notice Nate’s pictures have a new logo. In a few weeks a new sister website will launch for Studio B. which will be all Senior photography! A new edgy look for the website and the ability to grow with both Jennifer’s and my photography will be put into place. I’m pretty excited!

Take a look at Nate’s pictures!