It’s not easy being a photographer and a mom to a High School Senior. And having a High School Senior back to back (Class of 2012 and 2013) does not make it easier.

So when it came time to editing his photos, posting his photos… ordering his photos – I became my own worst client! A few months behind but back in the game, featured today is Dustin – from the Class of 2013 of Legend High School.

Not to get all ‘mommy’ and mushy on him – but I do have to say – he’s a great kid. This past year with his sister at college has been an interesting school year. With dad working evenings, Dustin and I have had really interesting conversations. We go out for dinner, and lately he’s been encouraging me when I need to go work out, even walking with me after my initial work-out. Of course with every teen there is a motive for the encouragement, which means he gets a win out of it too by getting to do something he wants, but as a mom who is on the verge of becoming an empty-nester… his win is my win.

But let me brag up on this kid for a minute. He’s truly amazing and has the kindest heart out there. He’s been with the Legend Titan Marching Band since the 8th grade. He plays the trumpet and from the get go – when I suggested that he would like Marching Band he said “ok” and he never looked back. He’s been in the Concert Band since 8th grade and when he discovered the Jazz Band a few year later – his love for music really hit home. But what he really digs is cell phone technology. How he keeps up with this stuff is beyond me and I’m considered pretty web techie myself with me working for a company that manages 120 websites. But his knowledge of the cell phone world is just phenomenal that I just hand over my phone and say “fix it” and he does. I’m sure going to miss him next fall and so will my phone…

His dad and I are so proud of him – he’s heading off to Western State of Colorado to learn – you guessed it, Computer Programming with focus on cell phone technology. You just might download one of his future apps one day!

Here’s our handsome son – with brown eyes and standing 6′ tall like his dad, I’ll take credit for the geekiness…