Meet James, a 2013 Chaparral High School Senior. When I met James and his mom, what I liked about him instantly was his smile. I’m going to go out and say it – but as a girl from New Mexico, I was thrilled I was able to photograph a cowboy! Then I found out he liked to hunt and he had his duck calls with him and usually wears them all the time, this just gave me so many questions for him and made our session so interesting! During his session, when we were walking out to a certain place for the next set of shots, he wore about 6-8 different types of duck calls and was constantly calling for the ducks. It was really cool.

Then when he brought out his camouflage tuxedo that his mom made for him for prom last year, that’s when I confirmed that I photograph the coolest seniors. I really do! And how good was his camouflage tuxedo? At one point I had to tell him that the selected area wasn’t working because he really was blending in with the scenery and I couldn’t see him!

Check Jame’s session out at Cherry Creek State Park – the video shows James using his duck call, we never did see any that day… and see why all Susan B. sessions are so unique!