It might be a surprise that I’m still posting 2013 Senior sessions. It just was a crazy year this past year. When you have your own baby graduating, you pretty much spend the entire year trying to stop time or slow it down, it didn’t work that well for me.

But what is exciting about Jamie’s Senior session is that he happened to be my last Senior session of 2012 and my first Senior session of 2013. How can that possibly be? It’s more exciting for Jamie – because his family found out early into the school year of ’12 that they would be moving to Australia in the summer of ’13. This gave Jamie who was a Junior at Legend High School the ability to graduate a year early. We quickly scrambled a mini session in late October to get his picture into the class of 2013 yearbook and then rescheduled him for the spring for some nice outdoor pictures, which then put him in line for my 1st Senior session of 2014!

So a little about Jamie. He was in the Legend Marching Band (love those band kids!) and then jumped over to theater and was in numerous plays such as “Grease” and I just loved him in “Crazy For You”. He is so down to earth, that once you meet him, you know you have a friend for life. Jamie is going to have a lot of fun in Australia with his family and I wish they could bring a photographer in their move…

Check out Jamie’s Senior pictures…





Anne & Jamie