We are due for some updates here – and what better way to start off the 2014 High School Seniors but with Allyson! She’s our 2014 Cutest Baby Contest Winner… all our babies are cute, but Allyson won the title this year!

I have known Allyson since she was in the 7th grade, for most Legend High Seniors – they have been with the school since the begining, meaning they spent their middle school and high school years at Legend. If you are a math wizard, which I’m not – that’s 6 years!

So what has she been up to during her years at Legend? The question really should be – “what hasn’t she done”… her list is pretty long. She has participated in Band (Marching, Concert, Pep and Jazz), Lacrosse, and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Since I’ve known her she has held a leadership role with the band and is at every event when fund-raising. She plays a few different types of saxophones and on a side note drives the coolest truck.

She will always greet you with a smile that radiates from her eyes and be genuine when asking how you are.

Since I’ve known her – most of the time I’m with a camera in hand capturing the band at events. Parades, practices, performances and when I get to Allyson she will break out of her seriousness and crack a funny face at me. I have a ton of photos that could send any grumpy person into smiles from her funny faces, so when we were on her session I said we had to do it and I made her a collage of 12 images of Allyson. It’s a favorite of Mom Michelle, Allyson and mine!

Her after School goal is to attend Texas Tech for her undergraduate degree and studying exercise science in preparation for grad school to become a physical therapist and hopefully do athletic training and sports medicine for pro sports teams. I’m excited for her – she will do amazing in this field!

So you want to see pictures… let the show begin for 2014 Senior Allyson!