So if there is anything I’ve learned in my 6th year of business, is that when it comes to the Senior season, my favorite time of the year – the website is usually the last to be updated. With on location snap shots going to Instagram and then a sneak peek later on Facebook… it’s not until after the Senior has viewed their pictures that their favorites (and mine) go up online. But then we get busy, like 25 Seniors busy in 2 1/2 months. Not really a lot, but I work full time and we had 2 kids go off to college and then I cried a lot (just kidding, we partied) wait – where was I? Oh yes – 25 amazing, talented, smart, funny, hysterical seniors is a lot!

Just a tad behind in updating but ready to roll out another amazing Senior let me introduce you to Jeny from Legend High School. She already had points with me because she’s with the Color Guard with the Legend Titan Marching Band in her 3rd year, but when I found she took a class in photography, we just had to talk! I’ll even admit that just a few weeks before her session she had taken some pictures I saw online of another Senior for her school project and I was really impressed with her angle of the photo, lighting and captured image that I tried to recreate it too and couldn’t get it! I had to consult Jeny to see what I did wrong! We are always learning!

She’s a talented make-up artist as well, she did her own makeup for her senior portraits and she’s done it for my own assistant Jennifer when Jennifer does themed sessions with other girls. Jeny is very comfortable being in front of the lens and behind the lens and just had amazing eyes that were so nice to be captured!

Her plans would be to go to UCCS and major in psychology, although she would love to go to UT in Austin. World traveler she is… she’s going to go places!

Here are a few of her favorite images (and mine…)