Here is another participant from the 2014 Cutest Baby Contest that we held earlier this year. Look at all the cuteness he has! I have a lot of bragging to share on this boy / man – GUY! Lewis has been an assistant for me when my main back up (Jennifer) has been busy at other events. He helped me keep Ben smiling in 2011 and he helped recently with his own girlfriend’s Senior session, the lovely Chantelle. He’s the younger brother of Daniel and he is currently the Assistant Drum Major of the Legend Titan Band. He’s pretty amazing.

What I love about the Seniors that I have photographed this year – most of them are in college bound classes (AP) or they are in many outside school activities. Lewis does both! Not only is he the Asst. Drum major, but over the past 4 years he’s been in numerous activities such Marching Band, Link Crew, Track, Jazz Band, National Honor Society, Calculus Club, assisted help with the elementary band program and now works at Mathnasium in Parker as a tutor for other students who need math help. He’s still checking out a few colleges but he would like to focus on Petroleum Engineering.

I’ve known him for so long, that while at his Senior session, dad was along for the session because his mom (and my good friend Suzette) was out of town that weekend. We sent her pictures during the session and I cried for her when it was done. Lewis is growing up! He really is such a great kid.

So here he is – Lewis, 2014 Legend High School Senior






The cute Chantelle & Lewis