Just as Fall arrives, the leaves start to turn yellow, the air gets cooler, we start to layer on the clothes; it only means a few things but the most important one to me is family time! What you will see in these next few images won’t be leaves turning yellow, the air being cooler or layers – but actually Spring!

The Bell family squeezed in a hour during Jonathan’s quick visit home from college during spring break back in March. Mom, Anita has been busy all summer, I have been busy all summer… (see Senior sessions) that we finally were able to meet up a few weeks ago and make a date night of our get together and show off her amazing family portraits, and now I can share them here to you! Thank goodness for amazing friends who are clients that forgive me for waiting a few months for their amazing photos… it’s not always like that, but time does get away sometimes!!

So see why I love the amazing Bell family! Love them! And see how they love Colorado!



I tried a little something in my editing – and both Anita and I love it!