Something I have loved over the years and recently embraced is that I really like photographing band kids students geeks (yes, they are geeks and they wear it proudly!) Their personalities really shine through when they have an instrument in their hand and how they talk about the programs they participate in the school just shows on their faces.

Being a former band kid myself, I enjoy hearing about the early call times, late night performances, the long days and until recently lived those years myself with my own kids. What I think is cooler than cool is that I have photographed the Senior Drum Major’s of Legend High School and Assistant Drum Major for the ’13-’14 year.

So meet Trevor. The Legend Titan Marching Band Drum Major. He’s in his 2nd year and he just wrapped up the marching season by directing the band to a 4th place in 5A bands at the Colorado Marching Band program this year. That again is pretty cool in itself. The Legend Band has only been marching for 5 years and to place that high in such a short time, you are talking a lot of dedication, time, commitment and one of the bands favorite words discipline to get to this place. Trevor lead them there.

Before becoming the Drum Major he played the tuba and we all love the tuba players! Admit it! You do! They are some of the craziest instruments out there and he was the section leader for the tubas. So when out on our session, Trevor brought his passion – the tuba and his trombone and he brought his dazzling smile, witty attitude and his A game for some great pictures.

These are just a few of his favorites and mine – band kids. They rock.