Meet Daniel – another one of those outstanding Legend Titan Band kids! I guess Daniel isn’t a ‘kid’ anymore, since I’ve known him from when he was in the 7th grade. The Class of 2014 from Legend is a unique class; they have been at Legend since the beginning. Legend was a new high school, Daniel’s middle school wasn’t built yet, so they attended Legend as middle schoolers with the other 2 upper classes. I had heard that this year was a hard one on the teachers. Some of them have been with the same teacher now for 6 years. That is a long time. It wasn’t until after I was editing his pictures that I realized the pain these teachers were talking about – Daniel had grown!

With a love for music – he plays the trombone, piano and I think the baritone, and I’m sure more instruments that I can remember. He is in the Legend Marching Band (4th in State his Senior year!), Jazz, Concert and making the Continental League Honor Orchestra this year. That is just his music talents!

Take a look at his Senior pictures – Daniel. 2014 Legend Senior.

Oh and another cool tip about Daniel? We were at the PACE center in Parker, I love the metal with the holes in the wall as a background – he informed his uncle designed those! I didn’t know this till after we were there taking his pictures!