I try not to go all mushy when posting my sessions – but this one? I have to. Must. Can’t resist.

Meet Diane. My walking buddy, my ‘if I have to bury a body, I will call Diane first’ co-hort. My friend. My good friend. We have been friends almost 6 years now, our girls were in high school together, both of them in the Color Guard together, both of them were the Captain (Rae) and Co-Captain (my Jennifer) so Diane and hung out a lot with each other. As our girls went off to college, we kept up with each other by walking together every week. If you can’t get booked for a session on Monday’s – it’s because we are walking. Because of her, I did my first 5k (walking of course) in Florida last year. She helped me get ready for it walking every Monday night, so when Parker had their Valentine’s “Love it or Lose it” 5k yesterday – I messaged her, “You in?” and she said “Yes!” and we walked it.

So when she asked me to do her headshots for her new business website – Vitalitree, it was a girls night out for us to have some fun. You can find Diane’s business online: www.ringsofgrowth.com and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vitalitree

Here are just a few of my favorites!


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