Are you ready for another Senior showcase? Meet Dylan – a 2014 Legend High School Senior who is headed off to UCCS to learn Computer Science. I’ve known Dylan since he was in mid school, he participated with the Legend Titan Band in the pit and without geeking him out too much – he was always so polite to me when I saw him at band events. Then he picked up a hobby of collecting old camera’s and so our conversations always went along the way of he got a cool used camera, I would get envious. I collect Coca-Cola, and we have lots of it in our home. Lots. And Lots. I don’t think my family would be too keen about starting a new collection. Lucky Dylan.

There was no question during his session that he had to bring his collection of old camera’s. When he showed up with his camera’s – I wasn’t sure who was going to take pictures of who… he has some classic beauty’s! He’s holding a Kodak Brownie, and the 4 next to him is a 1910 Seneca Box Scout No 2 (Upper left) the ones on the right are different versions of the Brownie (all by Kodak) and the bottom left is a Lecia camera, which I’m pretty sure my grandfather started out on.

Congratulations Dylan – I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in college!