Just as we start to wrap up the Class of 2014, I can say it was a great year for photographing amazing and unique Seniors. Up till this time, I have photographed kids in high school marching band with instruments, color guard flags, favorite pro team uniforms, favorite military uniforms, soccer lacrosse football uniforms, jazz and symphonic dress, dirt bikes, cars, cameras, and pets and then Zach arrived on scene.

Legend High School Senior Zach skateboards. Not only that but he currently designs the base of the board has them printed and sells them. His work is outstanding and with my full time job as a web designer, we had a lot in common to talk about. What software he uses, how he puts his design to paper, how he sells them, it was really cool to see an upcoming designer in our field. Not only has he been busy with designing boards, but he has been active in the Legend Cross Country, Track & Field, the Longboard club (skateboarding to those who don’t know) and plans on attending Western State of Colorado and major in Art Design and continue on with cross country. Long time goal? Owning his very own longboard company. Way cool Zach. Way cool.

Check out Zach’s skateboard session –