So as I wrapped up the 2014 Senior sessions – Ben’s session was extra special for me. By August last year, just a few weeks before pictures were due to the schools, my own children were shipped off to their colleges, I spent 2 weekends out at my favorite secret location, photographing seniors from 9am to 7pm on both days. Ben was Senior #27 and was my last senior booked, he came out after just getting back from a long weekend of camping with the Boyscouts. I’ve known Ben since he was in elementary school. Here was this guy who stood over me, and I still couldn’t get over that because I still remember him when he was about 4 feet tall and now he is close to 6 feet!

We caught up on what he’s been doing – he’s an Eagle Scout (I photographed his ceremony for him earlier in the year), still very active and helping the younger scouts in his troop (Troop 88!!). He’s in the Ponderosa High School band and busy with school academics. I’m not even sure how he found time to sleep! He has plans to attend school in the mountains, and if I remember right, it’s for outdoor education.

What I loved about his session – at this point in time, I had students with instruments, dirt bikes, motorcycles, sports – lots of different props to say “this is who I am, this is what I did!” and Ben brings his boyscout uniform – full of badges that he earned (I think he had all but one… there is about 130 badges a boy can earn) on the back side was all the patches from places he had been, so many that they over-lapped each other. While we are working on his session, awesome scout leader dad – Greg, pops up a tent and places it in area near us. He thought to go with his pictures of Ben in uniform the tent would be fitting and it was! This is what boyscouts do! It really made a nice prop and made it unique for his session.

The last senior session for the class of 2014 – Ben from Ponderosa High School