My theme this year is to ‘try something different’ After photographing the Cutest Babies in their Prom Dresses, I then had a few other girls who wanted to come in and have their Prom Dress Session too. I get it. Some girls will shop for months for the right dress, others will know right away that the dress is the one. Prom is a special time and why not show the dress off?

2014 Legend Senior Jeny came in with her dress and brought along boyfriend Matt to her session. Having them both “Dressed to the 9s” was killer! They came to the studio so that we could do some dramatic lighting to Jeny and her dress and have some fun with both Jeny and Matt. Having dashing Matt in his suit was just the icing on the cupcake to Jeny’s gorgeous dress session. Here are a few of both Jeny’s and my favorites!

This was a favorite session – and will be booking again for 2015 Proms!