I like photographing school activities. I work with the Legend Titan Band a lot as both my kids participated in the band. Be it scouting, clubs, choirs, musical groups, theater and cheer – working as a team builds not only character, friendship and team skills but great memories to both the student and to the parents.

I was excited to work with Amanda at Planet Cheer in Parker when she asked for team and individual photos of her girls who participate in cheering. Amanda has been in Parker just a little over a year but has been a head coach for over 13 years. I photographed 9 energetic girls who after the session showed me their jumps, tosses and some of their routine they had just finished recently. I was a cheerleader in high school but nothing like this. These girls are amazing!

If you have questions about Planet Cheer – contact Coach Amanda and Coach Kelly! I can’t wait to photograph their teams later again in the spring!

Here are a few of the girls in their uniform, best friend shots, Coach Amanda and Coach Kelly and a poster that I designed for them.