Stand back! Rock Star in the house! Meet Troy – 2015 Legend High School Senior. Do you know this amazing guy?? Have you heard Troy sing? I can say that one of my favorite parts of photographing seniors that are in the arts department, I always get a performance. Students that are in band who have an instrument in hand waiting for me to set up a scene will break out and start playing and that is the coolest thing ever to me. So having someone break out into song like Troy did – 1 word = cool. Way cool.
Troy is active in the Legend Choir and theater program. He is a movie buff and knows his stuff that kept me on my toes when we discussed favorite movies during his session. When he came into the studio a few days, I brought a mic just hoping he would sing a few notes. He didn’t just sing but he performed songs that he had written himself! Then for a fun project I asked him to break out of character, be Troy the funny guy and that he did…

Check out Troy’s session – Rock Star.