Let’s hear it for the Dad’s! I don’t nearly get enough dad photos – but when I do, I make them look good! Thank you dad’s for being there for all the big and little events in your child’s life. It means a lot and taking time out from something else you would be rather doing and spending an hour with me for some photo ops, they appreciate it and so do I! Memories in the making!

A special shout out to my favorite dad’s in my life – my own dad – Garry Hill, missing you always dad but thank you for all that you gave and did for me the morals you raised me on make me proud to be who I am today. To my loving husband Beau, father to our beautiful kids Jennifer and Dustin, I am so honored to being a parent with you, they are amazing kids that we have raised!

To all the dad’s out there and to those who we have lost this year – Thank you, we love you.


Garry Hill April 21, 1996
Garry Hill
April 21, 1996
John Gardner January 9 2015
John Gardner
January 9 2015



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