With the excitement of introducing Be·YOU-tiful that brings out the inner beauty in every woman, sharing that experience with loved ones makes this more spectacular. So with another new launch to the growing Be·YOU-tiful brand and already in demand in bookings – see the Generations Session.

With the already stunning beauty 2015 Senior Jenny, mom Anita and I talked about getting together again when her mom would be in town for a generations session. Working together on clothes, (classic white and black), jewelry and trying out my new lighting (natural light) and then going for some backup studio lights we created not only some beautiful images, we created heirloom images to be passed down for their future family. That’s really what photography is all about – sharing the moments and the people that touched our lives.

With Jenny, Anita and Betty – I photographed them separately in their different outfits, capturing their beauty and personalty in different poses under natural light. Then we moved to the studio lighting and we mixed them up; photographing Anita and her mom Betty, Betty with Jenny and then all 3 of them together…”3 generations of the same beautiful face”.

Photographing Grandmother Betty while she talked about her adventures in her life time was humbling for me. She was a teacher that signed for the deaf! So it is interesting to listen to her talk of her stories as a teacher and the places she has lived and traveled too. She is a true southerner and she has the most amazing heart of gold.

If you thought Be·YOU-tiful was gorgeous and wanted a session, Generations is the same concept but with family… how much fun could that be?

With Generations, there is no limit on the generations of women or ages. With Jenny, Mom Anita and Grandmother Betty, we discussed before the session clothes, jewelry, hair and make-up. I recommend going for the full pampered and having one of my Make-up artists who will do hair and make-up for the session that provides a high end glamour but still give you a natural beauty look.

But don’t let me tell you how awesome they are – their images can speak for themselves without my help!