How do you wrap up the 2014 year in images? Just days after Christmas, 3 former Seniors that you have taken photos of since 2007 ask you to take photos of them together without Mom knowing. Being able to participate in the sneaky plot against mom is now a favorite role of mine! When Billy (2009 Chaparral Senior (and 1st Senior EVER!)), Lindsey (2010 Chaparral Senior) and Jonathan (2013 Chaparral Senior) were all home from college and the military over the holidays, we got together for a 30 minute session with a 45 minute of catch-up on their lives and surprised mom with some fun pictures.

Love this family! Little known secret – this family has had a lot of influence in how my business has grown over the years. They were one of my very 1st clients as families and Billy was my 1st Senior ever to photograph which I knew afterwards I wanted to photograph more of! Thank you Billy, Lindsey and Jonathan for letting me in with Operation : Surprise Mom challenge!