It’s been a busy summer so far and to help kick off the Senior Season – Andrew from Legend High School was 1st up for some senior image fun in Parker. An avid musician in the jazz arena, he’s actively in the Legend Titan Band; Marching, Concert and Jazz programs, including outside school groups such as the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts, performing in Parker at the Wine Walks, Parker Days and other social events. If you have heard the saxophone in these areas, you probably saw Andrew. He’s a quiet guy, but get him started with what he has passion for; and he’ll talk non-stop. We had a lot of fun during his session, we went with a more urban feel, getting some of the cool spots of Parker has his backdrop. I love when a Senior brings props and Andrew brought all his instruments that he currently plays and topping it with every t-shirt and hoodie that he’s gained from being in school band and band camps, which shows the dedication and love he has for music.

So check out Andrew’s 2016 Senior Session.. rocking it in music and in pictures –










  1. You have made your mark with your incredible talent and dedication…Wonderful! That you for sharing this with us… LU

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