When a former co-worker who I worked with for many years asked if I would photograph him and his fiancée, I’m not sure who was more excited – them or me! Brycen and Alison dated in high school, went their own ways during their college years and came back full circle a few years ago when they started talking to each other online and realized they had very strong feelings for each other still. I can remember talks at work with Brycen that he let this one girl get away and it was Alison!

Their wedding was in October back in Tennessee with their close families and friends, but they wanted some Colorado pictures and I wanted to see them since it had been awhile that I had not seen Brycen. My heart was filled with happiness that these two are perfect for each other and to capture their funny, serious and all around good nature with each other was like closing the chapter of a really good book. I want to say the ending to the story, they found love was amazing but in reality their story is just getting started…

Congratulations Brycen and Alison!

Take a look at their session – love. It’s awesome.


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